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Lord Huntington supports the calls for John Storm to investigate a geological disturbance at Kingston, Jamaica.




Lord James Huntington (Hunt) is an English aristocrat and long time member of the British Geographical Society (BGS), from where he knows Sir Rodney Baskerville. 


He has been the guardian of an ancient parchment since it was passed to one of his ancestors on the deathbed of a famous explorer. The parchment was handed down through generations, it contains clues to the location of Blackbeard's (Edward Teach) buried treasure trove on an uncharted Island in the Caribbean, said to be guarded by a macabre human spirit manifesting itself with a golden skull, and a Voodoo curse on anyone disturbing the ground. It is called Skeleton Island.


The parchment was taken from Blackbeard's ship, the 'Adventure,' by Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the British Royal Navy and his crew. This parchment, a map of sorts, was handed down through the generations to Lord Huntington. Where they found no treasure (gold, gemstones) aboard the 'Adventure,' they assumed the parchment was the sum total of the clues. 

Unfortunately, a piece of the puzzle is missing. While his family have been trustees of the parchment, a cypher is needed to decode the document, and link it to a particular island. They know this and have been on the lookout for any clue that may lead to recovery of the fortune amassed by a number of pirates and privateers over the years - including the riches of Captain Henry Morgan. It was Henry Morgan who accidentally let slip to some of his buccaneers, the existence of Skeleton Island, while intoxicated by Jamaican dark rum. But he never mentioned how to find it, and tell it apart from the hundreds of small islands in and around the West Indies.


Huntington uses a grant from the BGS to purchase an old Antarctic survey ship and refit her for the expedition, naming her 'Hispaniola,' after the ship in Robert Louis Stevenson's excellent pirate yarn. He crews her with salvage privateers, introduced by William Gray. Including Billy (One Eye) Bones, John Long and Black Jack.


Lord Huntington persuades Sir Rodney Baskerville to join his expedition. He is the history professor element on board the Hispaniola, an associate of Scott Tremaine, the ship's captain.


Lord Huntington's problem, is getting John's expertise in on his secret agenda, to discover Skeleton Island. Then he can use his parchment to find Blackbeard's long-lost buried treasure. Without tipping his hand too soon. Or John would either have nothing to do with the enterprise, or worse still, find the pirates gold, and turn it in to the authorities - before negotiating. Or, in Huntington's case - forgetting to inform the respective nations. Finders, keepers. Since it could be argued that his family were bequeathed the parchment that Lieutenant Robert Maynard found amongst Edward Teach's papers onboard the Adventure in 1718. In law, where his predecessors have had that information for so many years, he may have a fully founded legal claim that overrules any more recent legislation. The parchment might be described as a gift of knowledge by way of ownership, or part of a will. If you will.





John Storm takes on a great white shark, fighting it off with a speargun






Ark, The - The world's largest & most comprehensive interactive DNA database

Billy (Bones) One Eye - Pirate sailor, marksman ex marine SBS

Captain Nemo - AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple - Researcher & camerawoman

Dan Hawk - Electronics & computer wizard

Dr Roberta Treadstone - Blue Shield, Newcastle University, England

Elizabeth Swann - Fastest solar ship & floating laboratory

Excalibur, Pendragon & Merlin - Anti piracy weapon system

George Franks - Legal and intelligence trust manager

HAL - The onboard AI supercomputer ship manager

Jack Boon (Black Jack) Pirate computer expert hacker

Jill Bird - Senior BBC news world service anchor

John Storm - Ocean adventurer

Katy, Kitty - The ships cat and lucky mascot

Lord James Huntington - Opportunist, British Geographical Society

Professor Douglas Storm - John Storm's uncle

Professor Jacques Pierre Daccord - UNESCO sunken realms div.

Robin (John) Longstride Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter 

Sam Hollis - BBC & Sky freelance investigative reporter Caribbean regions

Scott Tremaine Treasure hunting professional & ships captain

Shui Razor - Japanese privateer

Sir Rodney Baskerville - Professor of Maritime History

Steve Green - Freelance reporter

Suki Hall - Marine biologist

Tom Hudson - Sky News Editor 

Trisha Lippard - Cleopatra's call sign to protect her royal identity

William Gray - Cashiered US Navy Captain, snitch & mastermind












 The Adventures of John Storm - Kulo Luna the $Billion Dollar Whale       Queen Cleopatra last Paraoh of Egypt - The Mummy       



A draft script for Kulo-Luna is available on request. Cleopatra The Mummy is currently being scripted with Treasure Island under development. The three films could be shot back to back. As a franchise, to make the most of the Elizabeth Swann. Production partners and distributors are actively being sought.








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