J O H N  S T O R M








                John Storm takes on a great white shark, fighting it off with a speargun



DANGER MAN -  John Storm is not a trained marine biologist, but is instinctively in tune with the underwater kingdom



John Storm is the protagonist and main character in the 'Treasure Island' adventure.


John is around 40 years old during this present series. He keeps himself fit by swimming, He has a love of water and the sea.


When younger, he was keen on sports diving and rock climbing. His current interests center around conservation of species and renewable energy, such as solar and hydrogen powered transport. But he will always make the time to learn more of history, and try to unravel mysteries.


He is also an amateur anthropologist and a practical engineer, but he'd never let on - except when marveling at the technology built into the Elizabeth Swann.


He is almost obsessed with his DNA collection, all stored in his digital collection named 'The Ark,' onboard the Swann. 


John (sometimes Johnny to his very close friends) likes a challenge and gets the job done.


John's uncle was Professor Douglas Storm. His uncle supported John in his ambitions and taught him a great deal, helping to prepare his nephew for the unexpected. Just the training he needed for getting to the bottom of the pirates that fascinated him through his childhood, leading him to an interest in ships and training in navigation.


His previous adventure was saving the giant humpback whale 'Kulo Luna,' followed by a close scrape with Cleopatra's mummy.



Billy One Eye - Pirate sailor, marksman ex army

Captain Nemo - AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple - Researcher & camerawoman

Dan Hawk - Electronics & computer wizard

Elizabeth Swann - Fastest solar ship & floating laboratory

George Franks - Legal and intelligence trust manager

Jack Boon (Black Jack) Pirate computer expert 

Jill Bird - BBC news anchor

John Longton Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter 

John Storm - Ocean adventurer

Lord James Huntington - Opportunist, British Geographical Society

Professor Douglas Storm

Scott Tremaine Treasure hunter

Shui Razor

Sir Rodney Baskerville - Professor of History

Steve Green - Freelance reporter

Suki Hall

Tom Hudson - Sky News Editor 

William Gray - Cashiered US Navy Captain 











 The Adventures of John Storm - Kulo Luna the $Billion Dollar Whale       Queen Cleopatra last Paraoh of Egypt - The Mummy       



STUDIO/AGENTS: A draft script for Kulo-Luna is available on request. Cleopatra The Mummy is currently under development







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