L O R D  J A M E S  H U N T I N G T O N








                John Storm takes on a great white shark, fighting it off with a speargun



MARINE ARCHAEOLOGIST -  Lord Huntington calls in John Storm to investigate a geological disturbance at Kingston, Jamaica.



Lord James Huntington (Hunt) is a British aristocrat and long time member of the British Geographical Society. 


He has been the guardian of an ancient parchment since it was passed to one of his ancestors on the deathbed of a famous explorer. The parchment was handed down through generations, it contains clues to the location of Blackbeard's (Edward Teach) buried treasure trove on an Island in the Caribbean, said to be guarded by a macabre human spirit manifesting itself with a golden skull, and a curse on anyone disturbing the ground. 

Unfortunately, a piece of the puzzle is missing. While his family have been trustees of the parchment, a cypher is needed to decode the document. They know this and have been on the lookout for any clue that may lead to recovery of the fortune amassed by a number of pirates and privateers over the years - including the riches of Captain Henry Morgan.





Billy One Eye - Pirate sailor, marksman ex army

Captain Nemo - AI onboard computer system

Charley Temple - Researcher & camerawoman

Dan Hawk - Electronics & computer wizard

Elizabeth Swann - Fastest solar ship & floating laboratory

George Franks - Legal and intelligence trust manager

Jack Boon (Black Jack) Pirate computer expert 

Jill Bird - BBC news anchor

John Longton Pirate leader, bare knuckle fighter 

John Storm - Ocean adventurer

Lord James Huntington - Opportunist, British Geographical Society

Professor Douglas Storm

Scott Tremaine Treasure hunter

Shui Razor

Sir Rodney Baskerville - Professor of History

Steve Green - Freelance reporter

Suki Hall

Tom Hudson - Sky News Editor 

William Gray - Cashiered US Navy Captain 











 The Adventures of John Storm - Kulo Luna the $Billion Dollar Whale       Queen Cleopatra last Paraoh of Egypt - The Mummy       



STUDIO/AGENTS: A draft script for Kulo-Luna is available on request. Cleopatra The Mummy is currently under development







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